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This Week in Homeschooling 4/21-4/25

I can’t believe how close we are to the end of the year & impending junior high. Wow. It really did fly.

This week we worked 4 full days due to the Easter Holiday. We finally, officially began writing our 9/11 report. Other than a few grammatical errors, he did pretty well. I’m hoping to have that assignment in the bag by Friday of the coming week.

In Language Arts, we’re doing a unit on King Midas & the Golden Touch. Actually, it’s a poetry unit. For a writing assignment, he’s doing a humorous poem. We read a lot of poems by children’s poet, Ken Nesbitt. He really enjoyed Mr. Nesbitt’s work. As a whole, the unit is a quick one & we won’t be spending a ton of time on it, but it’s fresh & fun.

Thank God he has a knack for algebra. He’s flown right through this math unit with near perfect scores. Personally, I took Algebra 1 twice (mostly because my mom won’t accept a C as a final grade). But, nonetheless, he’s flourished with this. Every day, he’s gone to the web group for math & seems to do well ‘on the spot’ answering questions, too.

For science, we’re doing the 2nd part of the forces in motion unit. My Aunt has been working with a nearby library & is planning science days for it. As a retired biochemist, that’s right up her alley & she’s volunteered to include him in these activities. I think it’s a great idea plus he & I will get a little break from one another.

We had no other social studies classes this week so that we could focus on the research paper. Next week, we begin a unit on World War 1. That ought to grab his attention. For Bible, we’ve been using Dr. Kathy Stewart’s study on Hebrews. He’s learned quite a bit & retained enough to give Dad a replay at the end of the day. If you have kids in this age group or for yourself, give this study a go- it’s fantastic!

So, next week looks like it’ll be a lot of writing plus we’re doing a science experiment. We might as well finish the year busy.

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