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Mercy Like Sunlight: Liz Curtis Higgs

I’ve read a number of works from Liz Curtis Higgs & she never fails to impress me. ‘Mercy Like Sunlight’ is no exception. Truly, it is one of her finest works.
Jake Stauros is the pastor of Calvary Fellowship. Calvary is a varied bunch, not just an ordinary congregation. Jake’s goal is to make a difference in this community for Christ. While he thought he knew just about everyone, he was taken aback when he met Mary Margaret Delaney.
Dubbed ‘Mad Mary’, she was a crazy-haired, mumbling misfit in town. No one seemed to know too much about her & that was fine by them. When she & Jake literally ran into one another, an unlikely friendship is formed. Jake’s desire is to show her Christ’s love. Mary’s desire is to simply die & be rid of her pain.
Flowing with God’s love, Jake is about to invade her space in a major way. Whether or not she’s ready, he isn’t sure, but he’s sure going to try. Can Christ’s grace show Mary Margaret how to live again?
Liz Curtis Higgs has crafted a story of unconditional love & redemption. Jake’s character is everything we should be in order to ‘love our neighbors as ourselves.’ In fact, Jake is the epitome of what every pastor should be- more concerned with people than opinion, more determined to show love than fill seats.
Mary is a flawed woman with a deep well of sin & regret. Any woman who has suffered can relate to her story. Both she & Jake have undeniably similar characteristics to Biblical, New Testament characters. I was happy when our author noted at the book’s end that Mary was based on Mary Magdalene. Reactions that she receives from the townspeople shouldn’t surprise us in our world. How many of us would run to minister to someone with a frightening or disturbing exterior?
But, this story of redemption will move the hearts of readers as it did mine. I had to call my mom & aunt after I’d finished it to tell them it’s a ‘must-read’. Take my advice: read this one. It’s a perfect 5 star novel from a very talented & blessed author.
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.
Pic belongs to the author & publisher

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