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The Perfect Score Project: Debbie Stier

978-0-307-95667-5When I took my SATs many moons ago, I swear there was a bugler playing ‘Taps’ as I walked in. While I can’t recall much about the test itself, I do remember the zombie-like looks on people’s faces. In fact, I always believed that the score depended on your God-given smarts. As a public school student, I was ill-prepared & hope today’s public educators do better.

True, the SATs may not what you’d deem fun reading material, but there’s something about Debbie Stier that makes it so. Perhaps it’s her candor or the overwhelming love she has for her kids. You simply have to respect a mom who (willingly) took the SAT 7 times before her son took it once.

With determination only a mom could have, she entered the Badlands of the SATs & lived to tell the tale. As I prepare my son for State Testing, I feel her pain. We all do what we believe is best for our respective students. But, as parents, no one really gives us a handbook for helping these poor kids through the test of their lives.

Now, we have one. Thanks to Debbie’s unrivaled dedication, we have a place to turn. She’s written ‘The Perfect Score Project’ as a guidebook to all things SATs. Using humor & strength, she points us in the right direction. From tutors & classes to on-line help, this book is a golden ticket to that dreaded day of testing.

No doubt, this book needs to be on the shelf of every parent with a child from junior high & up. This isn’t your garden variety textbook. It’s ‘real’ talk from a real mom. Find out which errors appear the most. Get advice on the critical reading. But, don’t forget to laugh a little & enjoy the ride!

Absolutely essential, it’s a Perfect Score of 5 stars!

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.



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