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Murder Simply Brewed: An Amish Village Mystery: Vannetta Chapman


Middlebury, Indiana is a quiet town where the English & Amish coexist with little issue. Amber Wright serves as the general manager for a shopping complex called the Village. Here, tourists can mingle in & out of shops that sell Amish goods.

Unfortunately, the peace is about to be interrupted. On what starts as a normal day, a young Amish girl, Hannah, arrives for work to make a dreadful discovery. Coffee shop owner, Ethan, is slumped over the counter, dead. Not a normal occurrence, the death sends the whole town into a spin.

Initially, the police blow it off as a heart attack. However, soon, messages are left for various Village workers. Most of them are Old Testament Scriptures of warning. Feeling a sense of responsibility for her workers, Amber begins to dig further. Soon, she’s convinced that Ethan’s death wasn’t exactly natural.

While the clues pile up, Amber’s life becomes more complicated when she starts a very friendly relationship with her neighbor, Tate. Hannah, while trying to help Amber, also gets bitten by the love bug as she starts to have feelings for a co-worker. Can these two strong women figure out the truth behind Ethan’s death while trying to find love?

‘Murder Simply Brewed’ is a great read, very clean & beautifully written. Vannetta Chapman does a fabulous job of combining fiction with extensive research into the Amish community. She does right by them at every turn.

Romance has never been my bag, but this novel does it well. There’s no risky behavior as both woman remain true to their faith & the men in their lives are respectful, ‘real’ men. As for the mystery itself, it was very well done. Mrs. Chapman adds a few surprises, twists & turns that I didn’t expect. They added depth & made the book great fun. At times, it was a bit long-winded with some filler scenes. But all together it’s a 4 star read.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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