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The Magic Pads Review

At one time or another in all of our lives, we’ve wished for a magic formula for better skin. However lengthy or brief are skin care woes have been, we all want to, literally, put our best face forward. That’s hard to do when you have pimples/blemishes on your face.Magic Pads 014

The newest addition to the fight against skin problems are The Magic Pads. Now, I will not promise you that with one swipe of a pad all your pimples will be gone instantly or even overnight. You won’t wake up looking like America’s Next Top Model (unless you were born that way & then, God has blessed you).

What I will tell you is I used these little beauties morning & night. Each morning, they took away whatever my morning ritual cleanser missed. Each night, they removed yucky residue in the same fashion. I will also tell you that for me, they caused zero irritation. As a teen, I’d tried a variety of the trendy, acne pads advertisers. Every single one caused drying, peeling, or more pimples. These did not.

For me, that was enough confirmation to hand them to my teen & 20 year old sons to try. Both used them for roughly a week. Both saw clearer skin & believe me, teen boys aren’t as obsessed with skincare as girls. Honestly, they’re good about it if & when they remember. So the fact that they used them regularly and saw a difference is, well, magical.

Now, what’s so special about The Magic Pads? Each little circle is a powerhouse of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid & aloe. Anyone who’s ever had sunburn knows of the soothing properties of aloe. While glycolic may be a new buzz word for your dictionary, anyone who’s suffered with acne has heard the phrase salicylic acid. It’s a pimple-killer.

That’s where the similarities with other acne pads end. Magic Pads also: smooth skin, fight ageing, exfoliate, tone, tighten your pores & clarify. Goodness! That’s a lot of magic in one product. That list pretty much covers all that ails you in terms of facial care. In terms of price, $19.95 is pretty competitive when you get right down to it. Each container is 4 Fl.oz. & 50 individual pads.Magic Pads 003

Other brands require recurrent, subscription type payments of $8 per month or are sold in kits in the $50 range. If you have a teen or you are personally fighting the acne battle, that’s a price you can live with. When I try products, I always promise to blog with integrity. I know that it did exactly as promised for us; therefore, I believe it will for you, too. Give it a try & decide for yourself.

The company is very friendly & eager to help customers. Find them directly at their website or at the following Medias:

Instagram: @TheMagicPads


Twitter: #TheMagicPads

Watch a tutorial:

I was provided with product in exchange for an honest review. I am NOT a doctor & cannot make you any guarantees. Please contact the company for questions. All opinions are mine.

3 thoughts on “The Magic Pads Review

  1. My 15 year old is having a great experience with these pads. Within 2 days we have seen a difference! Thumbs up from us!!!

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