Bed of Bones: Cheryl Bradshaw

In Book 5 of the Sloane Monroe series, The Sundance Film Festival has arrived in Utah. Melody Sinclair is set to finally view her entry into the festival. ‘Bed of Bones’, her movie, is a dark retelling of Park City, Utah’s history.  Although most of the crowd is excited to view it, someone is not. Someone believes that the past should remain in the past. A timely trip to her car allows Melody a front row seat to the explosion of the theater. Then, Melody disappears.

Sloane Monroe, PI, is in Vegas trying to have a little fun. Unfortunately, her trip is about to be cut short. Upon answering a call from her friend the police chief, she learns of the explosion. It becomes personal when she’s informed that her boyfriend was also in the theater. Now, the boyfriend’s brother has decided that there’s no one better to find Melody & discover who blew up the theater than Sloane.

As she wades through waist-deep clues & suspects, she’s set to run head on into a legacy of evil. Time’s running out. She’ll have to work fast. But, with the personal connection, can she stay open-minded enough to solve the case?

Even though this is the 5th book, it is my first experience with the series. Truth be told, I read it in one sitting. Cheryl Bradshaw has woven one whale of a mystery. Her main lead is strong & independent. Sloane works, for the most part, within the letter of the law & still accomplishes her goal.

Mrs. Bradshaw is talented enough to provide a mystery to sink our teeth into without reverting to excessive violence & gore. It is a clean novel. I don’t recall cursing either. Her extensive research is obvious & she includes enough history to increase the interest without overwhelming us. No fluff, just plot- well done.

I will be back-tracking to read more of Sloane’s adventures. It’s 4 of 5 stars from me. The book is available via Amazon. More author/series info is available through:

Twitter: @cherylbradshaw


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