Thanksgiving in a Potato Chip From Boulder Canyon

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When you hear the words ‘Potato Chip’, Thanksgiving probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Perhaps you think of potato chips as an unhealthy, salty snack. Boulder Canyon Foods is about to change your perception of this go-to food.

Right in time for the customary feast, ‘Thanksgiving-meal flavored potato chips’ are back. ‘Pumpkin Pie’ & ‘Turkey & Gravy’ flavors are anything but ordinary! If you are thinking that they sound too odd to be good, you couldn’t be more wrong. I’ll admit it: I doubted that either one, in chip form, was a good idea. For once, I was happy to be wrong, too!

I recruited our 13-year-old & my husband to assist in a taste test. Without telling either of them, I had them try a chip from each bag. Immediately, they recognized the flavors. My husband has an amazing taste palate & he was THRILLED with the turkey & gravy chips. He noted immediately that he could taste rosemary. As for me, with a bit of a sweet tooth, the pumpkin pie was my favorite. You can absolutely taste the pie spices, especially the cinnamon. Now, our teen, he loved both! After the initial taste testing, he disappeared with both bags. Needless to say, I’ll be adding these to our shopping list.

Normally, I’d be bothered by our son snacking on chips. We’ve made a conscious decision to eat better. Thanks to Boulder Canyon, I learned that kettle-cooked chips have a 30% reduction in fat than other cooking methods. 30%!!??
That’s quite a bit! Plus, with Boulder Canyon, there is no trans fat or cholesterol. I can be confident that when my son eats these snacks, we’ve made a better nutritional choice. It also shows that Boulder Canyon cares about its food and its customers.

As parents, we can’t always stop our kids from eating less than stellar options when they snack. But, we can provide better, more nutritionally sound options. This time of year can be especially hectic so these chips (which come in a 5 ounce bag for $2.99 MSRP) are the perfect snack to keep handy. Don’t forget to buy some for yourself too! They’ll keep you fueled during the day so you’re less likely to hit the vending machine. (We all do that!)

Get in the Thanksgiving mood a little early. Pick up some Boulder Canyon chips. Surprise your guests for that upcoming football gathering. These chips are ideal for any gathering and you won’t have to cook or bake.
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*We received the aforementioned product(s) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Death by Chocolate Cake: Stacey Alabaster

A Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery #3

We join our baking duo in the midst of a very busy time. Belldale is now participating in the reality tv boom by hosting, Baking Warriors. Just as the name suggests, it’s a baking competition. Run in a similar fashion to ‘American Idol’, three judges taste contestants’ baked goods and either let them continue competing or send them packing. Bakery owner, Rachel, has been asked to compete.

In true television fashion, there are two lovely judges and one nasty one. Although Rachel knows she’s a good baker, she loses her confidence when Pierre, the nasty judge, gives her less than stellar comments. However, all that falls away when Pierre is discovered dead during show breaks.

Suspects are everywhere. Between a stressed assistant, disgruntled contestants, and other co-workers, Pierre’s pretty much offended everyone. True, Rachel just went there to bake, but she can’t help herself. Soon, she’s off to solve another crime. Normally, Pippa would be attached to her hip. Things have changed a bit, though. Returning from vacation, Pippa arrives with a different type of souvenir a husband! Oh, dear. Never a dull moment!

‘Death by Chocolate’ is a great mystery that utilizes reality tv popularity. I found the entire plot to be a lot of fun. Rachel & Pippa are a terrific duo with amazing problem solving capabilities. I love that they’re forever getting themselves caught up in messes.

This particular installment combines the mystery with Pippa’s marriage. Only Pippa could find a husband in 3 weeks and boy is he something! I’m glad a found a quality series that doesn’t get boring or run out of ideas. So far, each has been fresh & fun. I’ve even read them out-of-order & they’re fine to stand alone. I give this one a 4 star rating too and I’m looking forward to the next book.

The Pumpkin Killer: Stacey Alabaster

A Bakery Detective Cozy Mystery Book 8

Rachel couldn’t be more clear: she hates Halloween! For her best friend, Pippa, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Being that Pippa is majorly into the supernatural phenomenon, she’s in her element. But, for Pippa, scares will have to be minimal. She’s 9 months pregnant & due any time.

When the ladies are invited to mutual friend Teagan’s haunted house tour, Rachel attends only for Pippa’s sake. Fancying herself the town ghost expert, Teagan expects to be the center of attention. But, the tour barely gets started when an unexpected guest drops in- literally.

Expecting a prop, everyone is mortified when a real corpse, dangling from a tree with a pumpkin over his head is found. Rachel’s had enough death in her life to last a lifetime & would rather focus on Pippa’s baby. Pippa can’t help herself, though, & soon the two best friends are investigating the murder.

This time it won’t be easy. The deceased was just a want to be baker. But, as the investigation continues, the ladies can’t help but notice the similarities between this murder & a rash of murders from a century ago. Some may be quick to blame the previous murderer, but he or she should have been long dead themselves. Teagan & Pippa would prefer to believe they’ve come back from the beyond. Rachel believes there’s a more earthly explanation. Regardless of the ‘who’, Rachel has put herself in jeopardy, again. She’ll need to connect the dots before this becomes her last Halloween.

‘Pumpkin’ may be Book 8 in the series, but, I read it out-of-order. It can definitely stand alone. In fact, it made me want to go back to read the first 7. While I am most definitely not a fan of paranormal fiction, I was pleased to see that it was minimal. WHile it’s easy to see that it could’ve gone in that direction, it became more or less just an interest to Pippa & Teagan than the explanation for the plot. I was glad to see that.

I enjoyed the duo of Pippa & Rachel. Both are strong-willed women, fearless in their own right, who are also small business owners. While there was minimal police interaction, they did work within the limits of what they could legally do. All the clues are there for the reader to put together. Diligent readers will figure it out before the last page.

The series is well done and I can definitely see why the series has continued this far. For a seasonal read & a cozy mystery at that, it’s full of great characters and a super plot. It is definitely a 4 star book.

Fractured Eden: Steven Gossington

Fractured Eden

By Steven Gossington

Genre: Suspense

Book Description

When a doctor loses everything and is forced to start over, he finds himself in a strange town filled with addiction and mental illness. Dr. Aaron Rovsing, Family Practice Physician, is fired from his medical practice in Connecticut because of alleged incompetence. After he flees and starts over in a town in East Texas, he discovers that things are not as they first appear, and soon Aaron must combat the deranged and addicted minds of the townspeople. Events take an even deadlier turn when he finds himself the next chosen victim of a serial killer who plans to add the doctor to his collection of skeletons. In this town of insanity and with a serial killer waiting to strike, how can Aaron manage to stay sane . . . and alive?

About the Author


Steven Gossington is an emergency room physician with over 30 years of patient care experience. Dr. Gossington was an academic professor of emergency medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City for 11 years, and he published 20 book chapters and medical articles of original research.

His enjoyment of mystery and suspense fiction and his love of writing led to the novel “Fractured Eden,” a psychological suspense story in which he draws upon his extensive experience with mentally ill emergency room patients. This novel and his future fiction can be found on


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