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#Sponsored Book Spotlight: Marvelous Makeable Monsters: Sam Haynor

SYNOPSIS:What can a makeable monster do? They motor, inflate, wobble, drool, soar, and one can even do push-ups. Add a pair of wings, subtract a tentacle… The best thing about these monsters is that they’re part experiment, part imagination, and 100% customizable. Author Sam Haynor draws on his experience with the San Francisco Exploratorium, Oakland Toy Lab, GoldieBlox, and designing STEAM curriculum to create projects packed with fun features.
On sale October 9.
MY THOUGHTS: There is so much to love about this book. First, its author. Sam Haynor is a STEAM curriculum builder. Who better to give homeschoolers STEA advice?! There are 21 experiments! That’s a lot of STEAM material for your classrooms. If utilized in a daily format, that’s 21 days of STEAM lessons. Plus, you could mix and match your classes. Science & art for example.
These are safe projects. Independent workers can spend their time exploring STEAM concepts while working alone. Younger kids may need a little assistance, but, they will be using independent working skills like their older counterparts. Or team up 2 students for a leadership/team building exercise. But, don’t forget the FUN!

If you aren’t a homeschooler, this book can still apply to you. There’s no reason a brick and mortar student couldn’t benefit from these projects. Perhaps with a Science Fair approaching or a rainy weekend. I applaud any project that doesn’t involve iPhones or having to take a bank loan for pieces to build it!

Sam Haynor has done a fantastic job keeping tabs on the quickly evolving STEAM system. Take advantage of the knowledge he’s acquired and invest in a book you’ll use for years to come!

US MSRP $17.99
*I received the aforementioned title in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.
**Pics & Synopsis belong solely to the author/publisher.

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Weird Week

This has been one of those weeks when I keep hearing in my head that song about Mama saying there’d be days like this! And it’s only Tuesday!
Over the weekend, I had burnt my hand with a butane torch. It was one of those stupid things you do that you can’t even believe you did. I choose to blame the wind because it blew at exactly the right time to get my hand. The silver lining in it was that it was my left hand and I’m right handed. But having a blister right on your thumb stinks.

My husband has had a terrible two days at work and we have had two days full of rain resulting in intermittent internet service.

Because of the rain, we ended up with more leaks in the roof. One of these leaks was directly over my bed. The Silver Lining here was that all of my blankets and pillows took the brunt of it instead of the mattress.

Tuesday morning, our son brought me his glasses which were missing one stem. Being that we only have one vehicle, the fix will have to wait until my husband gets home. The Silver Lining here is that I never get rid of his old glasses. He has last year’s pair which are the exact same prescription. Plus, the lady at the eye doctor that handles such things doesn’t come in until 1 p.m.

So I’m trying to look at the bright side. We have a home to live in. I can wash the Linens again and the glasses can be fixed. After all it’s just another day in paradise.